Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Scary World Of DS-UNR


Two Realities:

There are two worlds in DS: One is where you progress, other is where you struggle to be alive again. The line between these two worlds is very blur since both worlds are stripped of life.

  • World of the dead will be more random, darker, scarier, personal and full of pain, agony, anger, fear - in that sense its like our subconscious mind that form 90% of our minds. It will make us question the darker side of humanity and our character. Its like graveyard, wreckage or debris of all humanity - many unresolved, unfinished problems, events and emotions in one place. Souls trapped in a loop - complete chaos.

  • World of the living will be similar since earth is stripped of its beauty for some reason but it will have the technology that will come handy in the world of the dead; like black umblical cords, artificial womb, weapons, handcuffs, wormholes, necklace with formulas. Enemies will be different here like other players, live-stranded death people, Ludens' (floating figures). In fact world of the dead is the only hope for bringing life back to the world of the living.

Being Dead:

  • When you are dead or death is stranded in world of the living, black liquid become present immediately. In that sense Mads was dead in the second trailer, bleeding the black liquid (death fluid) through his eyes; like Kojima did in Hideotube.

Decomposition Theory:

  • In that sense the more time you spend in that world you start to decay slowly. We may end up looking like Lisa.

What is wrong with this theory ?

  • By now you have to realize my theory contradicts with the genre statement of the game. Even though it is pointed out it will be an action game with a new genre, the potential for horror elements are undeniable. Floating ghost-like figures, disappearing babies, dead sea creatures, empty beach, alive skeletons, morbid dolls or title of the game itself is enough for me to have nightmares.

Statements from Kojima:

Kojima contradicts with himself at this point if Death Stranding is not a horror game.

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