Saturday, May 27, 2017

Interesting Connections Between The Fixx, MGSV, and Maybe DS-UNR

I was calmly listening to music before I noticed a subtle detail on the album art for The Fixx's Reach the Beach album. On the right hand of the man seen on the cover, there is a handcuff attached, leading into the ocean. The handcuff struck me as similar to the one on the left hand of Norman Reedus in the DS trailer, and it also seems to be a theme that all things are connected to the ocean somehow. Now you probably think I'm simply grasping at straws with this tiny detail, but I've already noticed connections before to The Fixx and Kojima's work. That very album contains the song Saved By Zero (1983), which could have been included in MGSV if the title of the song wasn't too much of a spoiler. Venom was essentially kept alive and protected by Major Zero after all. The Fixx's next album, released in 1984, the same year MGSV takes place in, is titled: "Phantoms." I'm not kidding. The album contains the songs: Lose Face, Lost in Battle Overseas, Are We Ourselves?, and Phantom Living, all of which make sense if applied to MGSV. Lose Face could describe Venom's loss of respect after he has to kill his own men, Phantom Living describes the phantom that V has to live with, Lost in Battle Overseas goes along with the "Just another day in a war without end" theme of the game, and Are We Ourselves? describes Venom's predicament of not being who he thinks he is.

The cover art of Phantoms seems to be a continuation of the art in Reach the Beach, with the same bald man and the same beach, except the bald man is half in darkness, or what could symbolize death, as the sand is blackened and so is the man. Could any of these connections mean anything? I'm not sure, but I feel there are enough similarities to conclude with great certainty that Kojima has listened to The Fixx's music, and it could have influenced his work. I'm not sure if this means DS is connected to MGSV in any way, but I thought it was interesting enough to point out. Tuned For Everything Norman We Don't Mess Around when it comes to things pertaining to the man.

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