Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Norman's character intentionally entered a black hole-UNR

I think that Norman Reedus' character intentionally entered a black hole, probably for the purpose of going backwards or forwards in time, probably for the purpose of altering some event(s). What caused me to believe this is the fact that Norman has a bunch of scientific formulae with him, which he probably brought (or was given) so that he can figure out a way to get back, or to help execute his task. It's possible that the 5 figures are supervisors from the people who made him enter the black hole, and perhaps they're affiliated with Mads' organisation, Blackhole. I believe he brought the baby in with him and so he hugs it and cries with relief that it's alive, out of love for it. He might be relieved because the 'journey' was 'turbulent' enough to cause himself to lose consciousness, so it was dangerous for the baby too. The baby might be his own, considering how he hugs it. Perhaps the baby is taken away by the supervisors as a sneaky alteration to a 'deal' they made with Norman, and so he just looks at them in a way you might look at someone who you're somewhat familiar with as someone not to be trusted and who just did something you half-expected from them. Perhaps it wasn't an alteration, and he'd just briefly forgotten that the baby would be withheld once they made it through, so that's why he didn't look at all surprised when he was looking at the 5 figures, and instead had a more 'ok, I get it' look on his face. I believe that Del Toro's character might be trying to help Norman from the 'other side' of the black hole (i.e. the world Norman left behind), or Del Toro's character made a similar 'deal' with Blackhole but went 'rogue' and is being hunted alongside the baby he brought with him. The black hole is probably on Earth, since if he traveled in time then he'd probably end up in the same place, and the beach's appearance and the Earth species make it look like Norman has traveled in time and ended up in perhaps some future or past version of Iceland. Tuned For Everything Norman We Don't Mess Around when it comes to things pertaining to the man.

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