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My new, updated theory as to what I believe Death Stranding is as a game-UNR



This is my full, updated theory as to what Death Stranding is as a game and whether or not it connects to Silent Hills (It doesn’t) and P.T. (It does[?])

Silent Hills was originally planned to be a new entry in the Silent Hill series, directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, with art by Junji Ito and starring Norman Reedus. All of that we know already, here’s where my speculation comes in.

Hideo Kojima had been on bad terms with Konami for a long time, as noted by several ex-Konami employees, as well as Konami’s treatment of Kojima leading up to the release of MGSV. Kojima knew that his tenure with Konami would be coming to an end soon, but he had already signed on to make Silent Hills. Kojima knew that the game would never come to fruition, because he knew he would be leaving before it could be finished. As a result, the obvious conclusion was made that the game would inevitably be canceled.

Kojima knew this, but by this time, 2 things had already taken place: Norman Reedus and friends had been brought on to work on ideas of Silent Hills, what the game would be, etc. and the other was that P.T. was already in development.

Kojima then found himself at a crossroads. Here he is, with people he wants to work with, creating ideas that are one of a kind, that have never been done before, and will surely revolutionize horror. And on top of that, he’s got this Playable Teaser being made for a game that he knows deep down is not going to be made. What to do? What to do?

After all, the final spoken line in P.T. is “I will be coming back, and I’m bringing my new toys with me.” An obvious cliffhanger that would be expanded upon in Silent Hills upon release. But the story of P.T. had already been written, developed, animated, and programmed. It’s too late now to go back.

It was at that moment that Kojima went to the developers and had a small little nugget inserted into P.T. at the very end, and I do mean the VERY end. The screen stating: This game is a teaser. It has no direct relation to the main title. This screen was inserted into P.T. as a way of Kojima telling the fans: “Look, this game IS a teaser, but it’s story is not a teaser for Silent Hills. It doesn’t relate to Silent Hills because I know it won’t because I know that game’s getting canceled. But I have a plan for what I’ll do with the story here. I will be coming back…”

This hint, while immensely subtle, was one of the earliest signs that P.T. and Death Stranding share a connection. The massive amount of signs that Death Stranding will feature black holes (The Schwarzschild Radius, the Dirac Equation, BLACKHOLE being carved on Mads Mikkelsen’s gun) were directly hinted at in P.T. 2 years earlier “Very soon, the gates to a new dimension will open. 204863. Not to mention, thanks to Pythonselkan, that when 204863 is punched in as geographical coordinates, it takes you to the Bermuda Triangle, where ships, planes and people have vanished for years, leading to speculation that the Triangle is actually a gateway to another world.

To conclude, here is my theory as to what is going from the event of P.T. to Death Stranding

• Kojima signs on to make Silent Hills • He gets all his friends on board to make it too • He starts development on P.T. to hype the game up • He soon realizes the game’s not gonna happen due to his likely eventual departure from Konami • He has the “This game is a teaser. It has no direct relation to the main title.” Screen inserted into P.T. as a hint to fans as to what’s happening behind the scenes. • Silent Hills gets canceled. • Norman Reedus and others conduct interviews talking about how they wish they could continue the project somewhere else, see Reedus interview: http://ift.tt/1RUCI8a • Kojima leaves Konami, starts new Kojima Productions • Begins work on Death Stranding, using same cast and reusing ideas that would have been used for Silent Hills • Massive amounts of hints connecting Death Stranding and P.T., see Pythonselkan videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc9-z0mUlEA&t=1s


• Kojima states, despite ALL OF THIS, Death Stranding has absolutely NOTHING to do with P.T., because of course he has to say that.


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