Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Has someone already noticed this? (Potentially incredible spoilers.)-UNR

I Just watched the trailers again to see what else I could figure out about the story and here goes.

Everyone in death stranding is dying quicker than usual... in fact everything is... but the reason is is they have been used up like a battery. (the chords being how this is done.) Just look at the character del toro is playing, he gets visible relief when he sticks that chord into the baby in the glass tube... its because he needs it and he is just simply running to survive.

Mads and his crew are all connected to eachother in my opinion to keep Mads alive but he has asked consent from his followers in able to do so, I believe they hunt down people that harvest infants in order to prolong their lives and strand them in a different dimension where everything is already used up, making it "a death stranding"

Now when we see norman reedus in the first trailer he appears to be grieving over a lost child, maybe his own... but he isnt.... Mads and his crew have caught him syphoning babies and left him on this planet and are basically like "fuck you, try and survive now." These are the figures that you see floating in the sky. Normans character wasnt grieving for anything but his own life... hes upset because they took his battery and hes going to fucking die.

Edit: Also, my money is on Norman Reedus finding, Deltoro's character somewhere on the planet as he tries to survive and having him be an ally, and a potentially huge character in the story, one of them will be able to live longer if the other is willing to die.... both trailers content are obviously from really early on in the game.

Edit yet again: this is why Normans stomach is scarred, he has been sew up so he can no longer syphon.... im really sorry if I just spoiled the plot of the game but... it just makes so much sense and it was hiding in plain sight. Tuned For Everything Norman We Don't Mess Around when it comes to things pertaining to the man.

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