Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Days Gone = Horizon/Last of Us/Walking Dead.-UNR

Is anyone seeing the trend in this game?

Before Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge success, I don't remember these "stealth elements" being a major part of this game. Hiding in plain sight behind a bush, throwing a rock to distract the guard and have him check what it is (without notifying his buddies 3 feet away), using baddies against each other.

I know what most of you will say (well those mechanics are in XYZ game too! Hypocrite bastard, threatening my favorite game of E3!!!! WTFO)

But look at the other parts.... We get a main character with a motorcycle... I'm surprised Norman Reedus or Charlie Hunnam aren't plastered on his likeness. What's next, he finds a girl to save... Who ends up being the cure to the apocalypse?

Maybe, unlike Joel, he will let her die... Cause he didn't start the game with a daughter so he won't care too much?

Not angry at the game, it actually looks fairly interesting compared to the other offerings... But damn, if it don't look like they are throwing all the good things within the last 5 years of gaming into a blender for this game and jumbling it all up to make something hyped beyond repair.

I don't know... I feel like we might have another Watch Dogs on our hands here. I mean, what is there to do? What is the story? Go around and fight gangs to free your gang, and ultimately conclude in an all out gang war? Grand Theft Auto San Andreas??? What?

But, that zombie bear was legit. I'm just going to play the game for that alone. Tuned For Everything Norman We Don't Mess Around when it comes to things pertaining to the man.

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