Monday, June 5, 2017

Theory: Death Stranding is about Solidus-UNR

So I read this thread on DS's sub; please read it so you'll understand where I'm going with this

I decided to make a ridiculous MGS theory, since everyone else here is allowed to without any repercussions. What if DS is actually about Solidus played by Norman Reedus? He doesn't have a name, he's naked, he fits the snake archetype. So far from the floating bosses, we see Mads who clearly is a homage to big boss, even with his name leaked to be John.

What if this entire game is a meta commentary on the taboo of abortion and how Solidus came to be? What if the president was right and that he was part of the LET babies that got aborted but survived (as opposed to other accounts of him being born after LET)? And this is all taking place in some sort of meta physical purgatory world considering weird shit is happening.

I for one propose an idea even though I don't believe DS is MGS; it's a new ip but it doesn't hurt to have fun. If more of the male cast is revealed such as the rumored Kevin Durand and Ryan Gosling, and they appear to resemble any snake like characteristics (CQC, bandana, etc) like Mads did with his visor goggle motion, I really do suggest we explore this possibility further. I mean, the whole portopia debacle from my recollection was that the Vol3 was titled "LET." If you count the D and N in Death Stranding's threads; you get "DNA Testing."

Just an idea Tuned For Everything Norman We Don't Mess Around when it comes to things pertaining to the man.

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