Sunday, June 11, 2017


Few days ago, I find my mind wandering around the stratosphere because I'm very obsessed about the ruse right now. Since TPP revealed, I am having mental blue balls. I decided to consider few things as solid facts and have a rough idea about the future of MGS and Kojima, to set my expectations - regardless of ruse.

  • Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley (and probably Konami, maybe even Guillermo del Toro, Norman Reedus, Jordan Vogt Roberts) are unreliable sources to obtain information, definetely not afraid to publish fake information. So, we are on our own. Logical reasoning behind 'publishing fake information' is to keep great upcoming events as a secret and creating anticipation in the meantime by revealing bits of information.

  • Before Kojima revelead and start the development of 'Death Stranding', there were already three projects Kojima was involved (with Konami) - The Phantom Pain, Metal Gear Solid movie (2012) and Silent Hill. Phantom Pain is unfinished, Metal Gear Solid movie is still on development and Silent Hill is cancelled. Kojima make The Phantom Pain as knowing its his 'really really last' Metal Gear Solid game. He was interested more in a movie or a new game. He was (keep) talking about passing the baton to someone else, so the series could go another 25 years.

  • Metal Gear Survive is just a simple zombie mode DLC for Metal Gear. It will reveal the secret behind the stranded MSF soldiers, mist, cloudy eyes, skulls and 9 year gap during coma. Pachinko could test the water for remake and the machines itself brings a lot of money to the company. Stock market interferes creative force and less risky approach is ironically - to be repetitive and not new. Gaming industry and players obviously demand innovation but they buy and play less innovative products anyway. Kojima's new studio is not on the stock market.

  • Death Stranding is not a MGS game, and it is the real name of the project. They already market the game (by revealing Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen) and gain audience under the name. Sony already paid the money to buy the IP. Moby Dick's Phantom Pain was different because they didn't reveal Kiefer Sutherland, unless they revealed it was a MGS game. Kojima did the exact opposite with Death Stranding, of what he did with The Phantom Pain; TPP was revealed as an independent game and eventually tied into a (MGS) series, Silent Hills revelead then cancelled and the game detached into an independent game.


  • Kojima became a Vice President and then tried to change things, radical changes make the elder (higher authoratitive) members disagree. They once disbanded Team Silent, they weren't the best gamer-friendly company. Once Kojima gained more power, he didn't allow investors to control his actions and creations. Since he gained more authorithy the expectations from the board members were higher. He eventually got to a place where he doesn't have to worry about investors anymore.

  • Chapter 3 was intentionally left unreachable and it meant to be unlocked during 30th Anniversary - 13th July. That was Kojima's last MGS so he took a different approach by doing that, he is still Reason was to use the anniversary as a leverage to give a strong anti-nuclear message to the world, insider once told the press that Kojima wanted Nobel Prize of Peace. Otherwise why nuke numbers are not present in the game as an online statistics ? It is possible that the chapter contains something similar to the ending of PT and it will define the future of MGS series, probably it will tie in with the plot movie.

  • Kojima is involved with Metal Gear Solid movie project (more or less) and his plan is to turn the movie into a form of playable movie - somehow. He will help Jordan develop a movie project that is also a game. We won't be able to play it on cinema on obivous reason but it may be playable once we buy the console version of the movie. Remember - before TPP, Avi Arad considered Kiefer for the movie (they were casting for Big Boss, so in a way Big Boss is confirmed to be in the upcoming movie). There would be lot of issues to make a playable movie and it sounds impossible to me right now, concept is really hard to grasp since it is never done before. Imagine that you are controlling the movie. PT was a playable teaser/trailer - it takes 2 minutes to watch this teaser but you can stay (trapped) in that world/corridor and play it as long as you want it. You can extract the whole experience, compressed in a trailer or a cutscene (or a movie). You become the narrative. Kojima did some experiments and soon we will be able to experience it on full scale.

Inspiration for this post was a dream. In my dream not achieveing nuclear disarmament and being stuck in chapter was just another cutscene. Once I choose 'skip', I started experiencing Chapter 3. There was Paz, 200 Diamond Dog soldiers saluting me in front of Motherbase, Pupa and logo of Outer Heaven. I went to medical platform to Paz's room, all obstacles were gone and all doors were open.

TL;DR - Kojima is working on DS and MGS movie right now. He is not involved with MG Survive or won't be involved with the possible remake(s). Konami will approach less risky projects with younger team, while Kojima is experimenting new risky things. He may help Jordan to make playable MGS movie. Tuned For Everything Norman We Don't Mess Around when it comes to things pertaining to the man.

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